Advent by Sølvi MK
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Saturday 26th of March my mother left me a message telling me my grandmother, Sofie, just died. It was sad news to get, not suprising considered her health theese last weeks. But still, to loose someone we love is always sad. It does not matter how well prepared we are.

So I will write some lines about my grandmother.

Born March 10th 1914, she just turned 97.  Growing up as one of the oldest in a large group of siblings, I believe she had 9 brothers and sister. She had to start working very young. Then she went to school learning housekeeping. To pay for the schooling she came back to work. Coming back home to Haugsdal she married my grandfather Fredrik. Grandmother worked at the farm while taking care of her 4 children. When her mother died her youngest brother and sister moved to stay with her and Fredrik.

Grandmother was often asked to do the cooking when big events like weddings, christenings and so on happened in the community. Grandmother always helped. She were a member of a local group raising money for the Norwegian Sailors Mission.

Travelling to America with her brother in law and his wife, going to Australia with her brother and seeing Hong Kong and China with my parents, she managed to see some very different parts of the world.

For me Grandmother was someone special. She always made us feel welcome and she always showed interest in our doings. As I grew older I also learned to appreciate her sence of humor and her interest in what happened in the world. She did crosswordpussels and always had to read the newspaper. We had many talks about Israel, Afghanistan, The US and their presidents, environmental issues and other political issues in the headlines, both national and international. We did not always agree but that didn’t matter, she still cared about us and the world we are living in.

Grandmother has lef this world to be with her savior. I miss my grandmother.

Før jeg brenner ned

Yes, this is the title of my latest audio book. I’we been listening to the author Gaute Heivoll reading his book almost every day, sitting on the bus to or from work. For me a different book – but I liked it. The title in English would be something like Before I burn down. Gaute Heivoll i telling two stories. The story of a young man putting several buildings on fire – in 1978 and the story of himself becoming a writer.

Now I have to visit the library to find a new audio book to listen to! Mybe an english one this time

Any ideas??

I’ve finished my book! And have no idea what to start on! A bit strange, usually I have a plan. At the same time I’ve finished my audio-book as well. What shall I do. Mybe thats why I’ve been spending some hours on my computer, nothing else to do.

Now I’ll move to the coach there are clean clothes to tend to. At least I’ll be doing something useful..

Ny bloggar i familien

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We’ve had snow since the beginning of december. Christmas came and we could still enjoy the snow. It is spesial to decorate for Christmas, looking out the window and see snow in the garden.

Now Christmas is over. I spent this morning taking down the Christmas decorations and taking out the tree. The house feels a bit naked. Christmas decorations always gives the house a warm feeling. Aro have been looking at the three, trying to pick off one or two decorations (I don’t think he liked the taste, he stopped).

In the afternoon both Aro and I felt for a walk. The children vere busy and Torstein had snow to mow, so it was just Aro and me. We headed for one of our favourite paths. Up the mountainside towards Lyderhorn. Noone had walked our path since last snowfall. I was wondering if I could remember the way but there were no worry, Aro did not hesitate a second and brought us safe all the way. Walking on snowfilled paths, not seeing a footprint is unusual around here. It was almost like beeing the first to walk these paths. I let Aro off the leach. He was running around enjoying the snow, waiting to see if I came along. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. All alone in the woods, Aro and me. I’m already looking forward to our next walk.

Walking home

Sunday is a day for longer walks. If Aro new I guess he would have considered Sunday his favorite day. This sunday we desided for a walk. Driving to Kvarven we walked to the top, taking detours looking at the view. Tostein, feeling a cold coming up, turned together with Magnar to take the car back home. Us girls continued our walk together with Aro, we desided to walk home.

The weather was not beeing to good, raining on and off. But having good clothes, it did not realy matter. We walked and talked, enjoying our trip while Aro was sniffing every bush along our path. What a good way to spend a Sunday!