Hello friends

I’ve decided to start this blogg and try to update it once in a while. I’m just so bad writing letters. This way you will now what I am up to. You are free to comment (I’ll be happy to hear from you!!) 

I’ll make this document as a start. We have just started the year 2007 and our days are starting to be filled. Gørild goes to a gymnastic-class every Monday afternoon (from 6:30 to 7:30), Magnar is starting as a boys-scout in February. Tuesday it is a sport-class for Gørild. Wednesday Eva and I try to do something together. Mostly Golf-practice and other exercises. We have started playing squash which is fun. From February both the children will go swimming every Thursday and then it is Friday and so far no activity. We try to keep weekends free to be able to do things together or just relax.

Today we’ve had a non-eventfull day. Torstein was busy giving a lecture in working a steam locomotive, the children and I stayed at home. We walked to the shopping mall and back home hardly buying anything at all. Quite OK, we enjoyed the trip all three of us.


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