Finally back

Yes I know. It has been a bit quiet. Our Internet-connection had a little hickup. Finally back.

Today our computer was free for use too! Could it be better?

 We have been busy celebrating Magnar’s birthday. Gørild finally moved into her own room. Last weekend we bought furniture for their rooms. Magnar had a bookshelf and a bed but needed a desk and chair. Gørild only had a bed. She needed a bookshelf, desk and chair. Now we are only looking for drawers. We also boughe new shelfes for their closets.

Now their rooms look quite OK. On the other side Torstein and I live in a mess. Everything we had in our spare room is now in our room, piled up. That is my new project.

 First Easter! It is getting close and I am looking forward to start Spring in Mostraum. We plan to go to Mostraum next Wednesday. My parents will be there and Torstein’s sister Hildegun and her family will join us for part of Easter. I am celebrating my 40th birthday Friday 6th. We will see who is around and make a party of it. Maybe some of my brothers or sister comes too.

I cannot imagine I am turning 40! On the other side Not turning 40 is definitely not an alternative! Look at the bright side… This year I’ll know my age!

Monday Eva and i played squash. First doing pace for 40 minutes, then 50 minutes squash. Squash is very good. We have fun and exercise at the same time! We are getting better! In the beginning we were happy making the ball go tree or four times, now we are meaner, trying to trick the other (but hopefully with balls the other one can reach). Not succeeding all the time. Fun anyway.


One response to “Finally back

  • michelle fisher

    don’t worry. Turning 40 isn’t too bad! I just did it last September. You will survive. Hope that you have a great day with your family.

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