Busy Weekend

Been a bit on the road this weekend. Starting Friday with Easter-breakfast in Gørild’s 1st grade class (Walking back and forth to school, not driving!). Only 10 parents managed to join our children but we had a nice time talking. It is so fun to get to know the children and other parents in her class.

My parents came by later that day to take the children with them back home. Torstein and I had invited two friends (Ingvild and Anders) out for a meal and a concert with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Unfortunately Anders could not come but Ingvild’s sister Solfrid were happy to be stand in. We had a very good meal and concert! Then waking up to a child-free house was a treat. Ingvild spent the night so we had a good long breakfast Saturday morning. Later we went to get the children.

Sunday Torstein, Eva, Olav (Torstein’s brother in law) and I spent some hours on the golf-course. Not the best round I have played but it is our first outdoor game this year. We had a very good time. Eva’s girlfriend Kristin came along too. I think Eva plan to get her hooked on golf. The children and their cousin Ingrid joined us for the last holes. They were out walking the dog Ingrid was dog-sitting. We ended the day having dinner at Hildegun and Olav’s house. A well spent day I would say.


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