Back from Easter!

Hello everybody and happy late Easter.

Easter is over and we are back on track after almost a week off work. The children had Easter-break from Monday 2nd till today. Tomorrow is their first day back at school. Today they had to go to SFO. SFO is a place the children can stay after school till the parents comes home or, when school is out, to stay all day. It is for children up to end of 4th grade.

Torstein and I had to go back to work. We had a busy Easter. Wednesday we went to Mostraum. We did plan to put up the trampoline but the weather said no. Magnar and I managed to put together the ring, but then it started snowing.

Thursday Torstein, my mother and I walked to the old mountain dairy (not in use anymore). We had a good walk,  met snow and even managed to throw some snowballs!  Friday I celebrated my 40th birthday. We invited the others celebrating Easter in Mostraum on coffee and cakes. My family also joined us. We had a good time. They even managed to give me some presents!

Now I am just waiting for the golf-season to start!


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