We are now in the middle of our vacation. July 1st we entered MS Finnmarken (one of the ships in Hurtigruten/The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) to go to Trondheim.  From Trondheim we went out to the coast for a couple of days. We travelled with my parents in law and Torsteins sister and her family. It was my parents in law that invited to this trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary. We had a great trip visting museums and also spending time on the beach. We had sunny weather all the time! From Friday July 6th we were on our own, the other ones going back home while we continued by car (brought the car along on MS Finnmarken).

 We then visited a friend of mine living just north of Trondheim. Spent some more days in Trondheim before driving south to Røros, an old mining town. We continued south to Krøderen. Torstein again was working as a fire-man at the museum railway. We were not that lucky with the weather but we had some nice days.

Now we are back home for some days before leaving for Mostraum. Good to be just home too.


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