My day

Hi friends!

I have had some busy days since I last wrote. We finished our vacation with working one week before taking another week off in Mostraum. We had a wall to paint. Because of the weather (it rained) we had to settle for half a wall. We managed to cover half the wall so we were able to keep it dry. Well, it is better than nothing.

The children spent 2 weeks in Mostraum, the first week with my parents and then we came. Magnar was not to happy, wanting to be with his friend at home, but he managed. Luckily my cousins children stayed the same weeks.

We also spent a weekend at Voss with Eva and her girlfriend Kristin. Eva and I were playing a golf tournament on Sunday. (Eva played a tournament on Saturday too but I wanted to spend some time with my children and Torstein). We visited Torsteins cousin which have a cottage about 20 km from Voss.

The tournament went OK in spite of the weather, it rained……. I managed 29 points and came 4th. It was not a pleasant trip, it rained to much, but I had good company.

Now we are back working and the children are not looking forward to the school starts on Monday. They both have made contact with their friends and are more than happy spending time with them again. As for us, it is good to be back to normal.


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