I am looking at a paper where my daughter is trying to spell Pipp Lotta, no comments……..

I thing Gørild need to work a bit on her spelling. My english is not the best but her Norwegian?

Well, we have a good time. Time is moving fast it seems, I guess it means we are busy. We have even started the cockie production for christmas. Gørild wants to take a house to the Pepper-cake city in Bergen. Now we have made all the parts and can soon start working on the decoration. Putting the house together is my job, I am not letting any childrens hands into hot sugar!

Besides family life I’ve been playing some golf and squash since I wrote last. Also spent some time with friends and family. Job has also been keeping me busy.

I am also planning on writing my christmas-letter, hopefully I finish Before christmas this year. I’m looking forward to christmas-time. This year it gives us many days out of work. It will be good to spend some days together again, mybe see some good friends and enjoy time with family. Today we had lutefisk for dinner, mybe we are starting christmas a bit early this year.

To Eva, Yes there will be some bad language here, I know, please forgive me………


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