The Sausage dogs

I started a new life this fall. Now I am a listener of audio books. I am searching Bergen public library for audio-books. It all started last summer listening through the first two books of Philip Pullmans trilogy “His Dark Materials”. The last one we never got started on so I desided to bring it with me on the bus every morning. Now I listen to audio books to and from work almost every day. Some are good, some  interesting, some I dont understand and some makes me giggle all the way. Thank you so much for audio books, they make my bus-trip a whole lot shorter!

This last one I heard was “The finer points of sausage dogs” by Alexander McCall Smith. It is a story about a german professor of Portugese irregular verbs. Well worth listening to. (The book is read in english and everything the professor says are with an german accent). If you find it in your local library it is fun listening to.


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