Christmas and New Year

Aro in the snow

Originally uploaded by Sølvi MK

I looked at my blog and realised it’s a long time since my last post. Have I been busy? I don’t know. I beliewe we’ve just jused a long time getting used to having Aro in our family.

There are new routines and having a puppy means some work. Things are going better now. He does not wet inside anymore, which means we don’t need all the litle trips outside. Now we can consentrate on walks instead.

Today Gørild an I took Aro on a 2 hour walk in the wood. We had a good time, Gørild had her skis on. It is more than enough snow for skiing.

We had a white Christmas and New Year. It must be almost 10 years since that happened last. The temperatures were around minus 6 degrees Celsius. We all enjoyed it.


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