Good morning!

This morning I took the car to work. Wednesday is golf-day, I need my car. Driving onto to the road i heard a bang on my roof, then something rolled from one side to the other, than back again! I wondered what is going on…. Thinking hard I realised the car behind me was blinking its lights. Then suddenly I remembered…. the coffee cup!!!!!!! I blinked into the side, waved (and smiled) when the car passed, got out of the car and picked down the coffee cup…. And YES, there were some coffee left for me!

This is how my day started, have you ever experienced something like that??

It is really a good thing making my mistakes in the morning. The rest of the day is so much easier, even dressing up as a witch at the ladies golf night!


One response to “Good morning!

  • mostraum

    I haven’t wasted coffee like that.

    But, I have put on two sets of contact lenses on top of each other and then spent several minutes trying to figure out what had happened to my eyesight. (My optician told me that some customers had come to him and done the same thing, not realizing what they had done before he told them, so compared to that I was pretty intelligent…)

    I also frequently stand in the shower wondering if I’ve had shampoo in my hair yet, and one morning I didn’t even wonder and ended up just wetting my hair without washing it.

    Dressing up as a with to play golf is fun though. The pictures will be available in a day or two 🙂

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