We’ve had snow since the beginning of december. Christmas came and we could still enjoy the snow. It is spesial to decorate for Christmas, looking out the window and see snow in the garden.

Now Christmas is over. I spent this morning taking down the Christmas decorations and taking out the tree. The house feels a bit naked. Christmas decorations always gives the house a warm feeling. Aro have been looking at the three, trying to pick off one or two decorations (I don’t think he liked the taste, he stopped).

In the afternoon both Aro and I felt for a walk. The children vere busy and Torstein had snow to mow, so it was just Aro and me. We headed for one of our favourite paths. Up the mountainside towards Lyderhorn. Noone had walked our path since last snowfall. I was wondering if I could remember the way but there were no worry, Aro did not hesitate a second and brought us safe all the way. Walking on snowfilled paths, not seeing a footprint is unusual around here. It was almost like beeing the first to walk these paths. I let Aro off the leach. He was running around enjoying the snow, waiting to see if I came along. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. All alone in the woods, Aro and me. I’m already looking forward to our next walk.


One response to “Snow

  • mostraum

    Yes, the house feels less cozy without the christmas decorations, but I guess it’s the short time we have them up that makes them charming.
    We still have some candles around, it takes a while for them to burn down, so we still have some christmas feeling.

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